Hand-raised fish
grown in the Heart of
the Annapolis Valley

Land-Based | Sustainably-raised | Make it Rainbow

We are proud producers of high quality hand-raised rainbow trout grown at our 100% land-based aquaculture facility, which is designed to minimize environmental impact. Land-based aquaculture is an environmentally responsible approach to fish production that helps to reduce pressure on the oceans by containing fish waste and conserving wild fish stocks.

Here at Hamilton’s Fish Farm, we figure it’s about time to


There Are 3 Ways to Enjoy Our Rainbow Trout:

Retail Rainbow Trout


Feed a Family

Ideal for small orders, such as 
individuals or families.

Wholesale Rainbow Trout


Feed a Community

Ideal for large orders, such as 
supermarkets and restaurants.

Distribute Rainbow Trout


Be a Distributor

Ideal for seafood distributors.

Ocean Wise Logo
We work closely with conservation programs, like Ocean Wise, to make it easy for our consumers to know that sustainable seafood is a priority for us, for the long-term health of our waterways on a local and global scale.
Sustainably-raised Rainbow Trout Facility

At Hamilton’s Fish Farm, we commit to raising fish that are:

  • Locally-grown
  • Produced in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Grown from high quality non-GMO fish eggs
  • 100% traceable from egg to market
  • Hand-raised with care in optimal growing conditions
  • Raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics
  • High in nutritional value
  • And most importantly, delicious
Sustainably-raised Rainbow Trout

“With a simple phone call, I can have fresh trout delivered to my kitchen door. Knowing it was raised just a few kilometres down the road—it doesn’t get more local than that. Buying from Hamilton’s Fish Farm, we are proud to be supporting not only a Nova Scotia business, but also the foundation that helped to build our restaurant.”

~ Chef Chris Pyne
Founders House Dining & Drinks

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