Hamilton’s Fish Farm has been the product of years of passionate work rooted in the sea and soil of the Annapolis Valley. It all began as a light-bulb idea and the procurement of an exclusive permit that birthed our parent company Hamilton Eel Fishery…

Roland Hamilton, who most know as ‘Poudie’, fundamentally changed the outcomes of his future businesses when he obtained a permit in 1994 for the harvest of American Eels in the river and stream systems of rural Nova Scotia. In the years to follow, each spring the “Glass Eels” rushed into the local waterways and flooded the nets of our devoted Elver Fishermen and women, and Hamilton’s Eel Fishery Limited was born.

Hamilton’s Eel Fishery Limited has a steadfast commitment to operative responsibility, and since its induction has made substantial financial contributions to support the ongoing research and monitoring of American Eel populations conducted by Bluenose Coastal Action, a charitable environmental conservation organization based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.


A scenic parcel of land caught Poudie’s attention in 1998, and so did a new business venture. Annapolis Valley Cranberry Limited constructed 10 acres of cranberry bog on this 125-acre property, then 10 quickly grew to 21 in just four short years. Packed with antioxidants, AVCL produced approximately 400,000 – 500,000 lbs. of cranberries in its 18 years of operation.

Harvested with specialized machinery and controlled flooding methods for most of its operating years, later the bogs were frequented by locals and tourists alike who came for the tasty berries and a breathtaking view.


Hamilton's Fish Farm Timeline

Nestled between the shores of the Annapolis River and the South Mountain, this area created the perfect micro-climate for agriculture. Shortly after the closure of Annapolis Valley Cranberry Limited a new business sprouted in these fertile soils.

With more craft breweries per capita than any other province, planting hops in Nova Scotia… well, it just made sense! After producing 300 lbs. of hops this past summer, Hamilton’s Hop Yard has done some serious growing in the first two years of its operation -figuratively and literally! In ideal conditions, hops plants grow 6 inches per day! After the harvest of the hops, we are able to dry and pelletize hops on site, then hand them over to the award-winning breweries down the street. Hamilton’s Hop Yard directly supplies hops to our friends at Lunns Mill Beer Company and Annapolis Brewing Company, in addition to working with Maritime Hop Growers Co-op.

Mattie Hamilton, the Daughter of Poudie, knew that producing is what we do best so, working collaboratively, Mattie and Poudie hatched a fresh concept – a land-based fish farm. Construction of Hamilton’s Fish Farm’s first aquaculture building was completed in the fall of 2014, followed by our second facility completed in the winter of 2019. Facility number three will be completed soon, with the prospect of doubling our productive capabilities. From frys to market-ready trout, 250,000 fish will fill all three buildings at our Ocean Wise certified farm.

Working closely with conservation programs, like Ocean Wise, makes it easy for our consumers to know that sustainable seafood is a priority at Hamilton’s Fish Farms, for the long-term health of our waterways on a local and global scale. To learn more about our land-based recirculation aquaculture facility, click here.

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Hamilton's Fish Farm

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Hamilton's Hop Yard

35 Devaney March Right of Way,
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Hamilton's Eel Fishery

35 Devaney March Right of Way,
Bridgetown, NS B0S 1C0
Sunny White 902-526-4122
or Roland Hamilton 902-532-8662

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